Alive! And Kicking


Just arrived in the harbor of Stockholm, Sweden and waiting for the bus

Sorry for the extreme lack of updates as of recent. Our trip to Germany was rather exhausting and then as an added bonus, my internet decided to stop working. Thankfully that’s all good now!

First of all WE MADE IT! The trip was long and frustrating at times (things did not go entirely according to plan… More on that later), but in the end, we managed 🙂 I am so extremely grateful for having travelled with Afri so much 2 years earlier; despite this trip being about 30 h longer than our old ones (Helsinki-Tartu), she managed it so well! 



                          In Heidelberg enjoying the forest in the warm weather

On the ferry I managed to write a small blog entry which I saved on my computer. I wanted to publish it whilst we were on the ship, but the internet connection was rather bad and everything was taking ages to load. Thus I thought it’d be better that I’d post it here later (as in now).

Africa has settled in great, she seems to have been a little surprised by the warm weather (Helsinki -5 C, Heidelberg +22 C). Her tummy’s been good and she’s been coming with me almost everywhere.


The great thing about keeping a dog in Germany, is the fact that you can pretty much take them anywhere. I went for lunch with a friend on the weekend and Afri accompanied us. About 10 minutes away from our place is a mountain (the Germans always laugh when I call the “hills” of Heidelberg mountains, as they are apparently so “small”.) which has really nice paths to the forest plus Afri has the chance to be off leash.

Soon we’ll be making our way towards the center for a nice evening ice cream and walk. Toodles!




2 thoughts on “Alive! And Kicking

  1. Hei anna sun joku säpö tms? mua todellaki kiinnostais lisätiedot saksassa opiskelemisesta ja käytännön vinkit ois todellaki tarpeessa. 🙂


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