Sorry for the lack of updates! The weather here has been pretty much awful, it’s been very cold, windy and pretty much pouring all the time. Thus we haven’t really done much exploring and pictures taken in the rain don’t usually turn out that nice. 

We have however done a midnight walk to the Heidelberg Castle (unfortunately as it was slightly spontaneous, didn’t have a camera along to capture all the amazing lights etc.), which was lovely. Funnily enough Afri was slightly nervous when we got there, I guess she has as much of an overactive imagination as I do haha.


Africa has settled in great, yesterday I realized that she has now been here for 1.5 months! Crazy how time flies by!  We haven’t been able to yet discover proper doggy friends for her. Hopefully when the weather gets nice again (it should do that starting Monday), more dogs will be out running in the fields meaning Afri has someone to play with 🙂 

Next week my sister will be coming to visit for almost a week and we will be doing some exploration around Heidelberg with Afri 🙂 Yesterday I visited a friend (without Afri) in Edingen-Neckarhausen, a small town situated between Heidelberg and Mannheim. I didn’t see much of it, so we’ll be going there for a bit of exploring. 

Here’s a list of some of the towns on our to visit-list:


*Weinheim (proper exploration of the castle ruins)










ImageEach year, the nearby city of Mannheim hosts Maimarkt, which is basically a market where you have different sorts of things for sale ranging from jewelry to houses plus activities and shows. It also hosts a relatively large showjumping competition, which has been going on since 1964! The market itself is not too young either, this year it celebrated its 400th (!!!) Birthday! Pretty cool, huh? 


This year it was held from the 27th of April until the 7th of May. Since the weather was pretty much perfect yesterday (+22 C and a whole lotta sunshine!) and a friend happened to have 2 tickets, me and Afri accompanied her to the market.


The market had many tents with different themes ranging from wellness to animals. The animal tent was particularly something we were very interested in. Unfortunately all those rabbits and birds made Afri very excited, a little bit too excited, as I had to drag her out of that tent. As she is so used to horses, she didn’t really notice them, but man, those rabbits! 


Africa likes rabbits a lot, but mainly in the whole chasing aspect kind of way. 🙂 We watched parts of the riding competition and saw some great rounds! Tickets for the competition’s stadium were sold seperately (which we unfortunately at that point didn’t know), but a very kind lady came over to us and gave us 2 tickets so that we were able to go into the proper stadium with seats and some shade. Afri is also very interested in watching although whenever a competition’s Lap of Victory is done, she gets really nervous and starts whining and pulling on the leash towards the galloping horses. 🙂


It was a rather long day, and after we got home, Afri fell fast asleep after her evening food snoring rather loud. One of the problems we had was finding water (!!), or well, the non bubbly sort. I had a bottle with me, but obviously the weather being all superwarm, it ran out rather quickly. Luckily we were able to find a indoor cafe where we were able to get water straight from the tap. Afri often doesn’t drink enough, but because of the weather, she seemed to understand that dehydration was definitely not what she needed.Image

The pictures I posted on this entry are actually from the Neckarwiese in Heidelberg, because I haven’t yet uploaded and resized all the market pictures. Will do a photo post in the upcoming days 🙂 



                                                   Townsquare in Weinheim


What do we love about Germany? There are so many cute little towns around the bigger cities worth exploring! Weinheim is one approximately 19 km from Heidelberg and has not just one but two castles! A friend lives in Weinheim and since I had never properly visited it, thought it was about time plus we had our own personal tour guide. Unfortunately on this little trip we didn’t get to see them, but the next time we are there, the castles are definitely on our must-see list as I am a bit of castle addict!




We got to see a little bit of the Oldtown as well as the Schlosspark, where Afri got to run around off leash and play fetch. The weather was warm and beautiful, the grass ultragreen and we were having a great time chilling in the park. Oh and we even managed to see another Hovvie in the park! How fun! 




Since the weather was so great, we decided to stop by for an ice cream, doesn’t this look just soooo incredibly yummy?


Weinheim has a small movie theater and we thought that it’d be nice to go and see the latest Scary Movie (I am a fan, don’t judge :D). They had no problems whatsoever letting dogs in (“if she’s quiet and doesn’t disturb anyone, you are welcome to take her along”), which was quite surprising. The movie theater was quite spacious and Afri was happily dozing off after the day’s long walk and run.  Image



Many are probably wondering how on earth they allowed dogs in the movies. No surprise, so did I! But the great thing about Germany, is the fact that it’s veryvery dogfriendly. Dogs are allowed almost everywhere minus grocery stores. It’s actually quite funny if you think about it, since Germany is worldwide known as being this rather strict and orderly sort of country, but regarding dogs, they are rather chill.  Image

But it is always good and polite to ask first before bringing the dog to more “unusual” places. But generally, we’ve been told that if your dog is well behaved, you can basically take them everywhere.:)



                                                                      Mmm stick!

Another post on Weinheim will be done once we go back! Therefore, sorry for the lack of pictures!