Being Underwater



Ok, so a lot of people have probably been reading about the recent floods happening around Europe. Germany, Hungary and Austria are just a few among those countries. Heidelberg also received its fair share of water thanks to the river Neckar, but nothing too dramatic. 


Wait, where did this tree come from?

When I first heard about it and saw some of the pictures people had taken, I thought they must be mixing it up. How could the Neckar be overflowing? Image


So then we went with Afri to check it out and ok, then I did believe it!




View of the Old Bridge


On the bridge wondering where all that water came from 




Crazy huh? Thankfully it was nowhere near as bad as in for example Austria, where the water had gotten all the way up to the Autobahn! Africa very much enjoyed it though. It was a rather hot day and the water is nice and cool to splash around in 🙂



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