Heatwave alert!

This spring didn’t start out too great in Germany. In April there was still snow in some parts and temperatures tended to stay low. When we arrived here, it was rather warm but allergy season had just began and yours truly was sneezing her brains out…Temperatures started dropping again and then came the nonstop rain… Everyone was moaning and wondering about whether or not summer would come.



And then it finally did and this week, it really has. Temperatures have been around +35 C which is definitely something that neither me nor Afri are very used to. Afri has a dark and rather thick coat, so I have especially been worried how she would cope in the heat.Timing the walks helps a lot. We’ve done shorter walks in the morning/afternoon and then done our proper long one around 9 PM, because the sun has usually slightly gone down and the asphalt isn’t burning hot.



Yesterday we took a short walk with a friend to a nearby park. Poor Afri started limping on our way there. She was whining and wouldn’t let me touch her feet, which naturally made me really worried.Thankfully, we found the cause soon enough; the asphalt was so hot that poor Afri’s paws were burning! There was a small fountain in our way and Afri wen in to cool off slightly. She doesn’t swim, but she does like splashing around 🙂


So remember to take good care of your pooches during the hot days! Drinking water is especially important. Afri is the type who does not really drink, unless she is reminded to do so. I’ve also been adding extra water into her food, just so she can get some extra liquids. Today we are later going to go down to the Neckar for Afri to splash around a bit. The weather is ubernice despite the hotness!


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