Welcome to Adventures of Africa, a blog following Afri’s life! (If you want to know more about Afri, click on the other tab!) The main reason I wanted to create this blog was to first of all chronicle her life, but also to discuss dog travel. There are a few doggy traveling blogs online, but they are mainly about/for small dogs. I, like many other big dog owners have been struggling to find information regarding these things, especially from people who have experience regarding this. Thus I thought, this blog might be helpful for other dog owners wanting to travel with their pet 🙂

At the moment our travelling tips primarily consist of ferry, bus and train travel, as so far we have only been travelling together around Europe. Then there is ofcourse the fact that flying with a large dog is often more complicated/stressful than for a smaller one. Going intercontinental is also a possibility depending on where our adventures take us. 🙂

At the moment we are living with Afri in Heidelberg, Germany due to my studies. I am scheduled to graduate next summer and we have plans to relocate afterwards. Where? We shall see 🙂






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