Soffahoffin Mystical “Africa”


D.O.B: 04.03.2009 Finland

Breed: Hovawart

Sex: Female

Breeder: <a href=””>Eija Särkkä</a>


Africa is the star of this blog, a bit of ADHD Hovawart who loves food, cuddles and running in the forest. She is extremely kind, impatient, eager to learn and sometimes thinks she is a Chihuahua!

Afri came to my life in the spring of 2009 when I was planning on getting my very own first dog. I was having a hard time deciding between a Hovawart, Dobermann and Beauceron. In the end I decided to get a Hovawart thanks to the convincing of Afri’s breeder from whom my family’s elder dog came as well. And the rest is history! Afri is pretty much the perfect dog. She lived with me in Estonia for a year, after that in Finland and now her next stop is Germany.


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