Travel Madness

It seems that whenever I return from Finland to Germany, my internet decides to call it quits… This happened once again last month, when I was returning to Germany; my internet was out of order for 2 weeks!  Then I had a 10 day trip to Northern Italy, returned briefly to Germany for 2ish days and last Friday flew back to Finland for my summer holidays and dear Afri 🙂 

She’s been having a wonderful time being here, as my Mom has been spoiling her a bit!


As I had previously mentioned, this post would be about our return trip to Finland, which kind of was a disaster!

*Pre-warning to those travelling with the CNL (City Night Line)-train of the Deutsche Bahn: pet owners are required to reserve and buy their own compartment in the night trains! These can be anything from 50 e up to over 129 e (the latter happened in our case…), so it is a good idea to reserve it on time to avoid unexpected surprises.*


As you may have probably guessed from the above statement, we ended up paying a rather large extra sum for our train… And this train was also in the end 2 h late, almost jeopardizing our ferry. Recently there has been a lot of problems with the trains of the DB; they are either veryvery late or then just get cancelled. I am not entirely sure why the situation is such, but I encourage anyone travelling with or without pets in Germany to really keep an eye on them. 

We did get a replacement train from Copenhagen to Stockholm, but because the first one was so late, we did not make our shuttle bus for the ferry and instead had to take a taxi to the harbor. 


*Quick Tip for Swedish Taxis*

One thing I have learned from travelling in Sweden is that taxi drivers can pretty much decide ANY price on their services! (Once upon a time I ended up paying 60ish e for a 10 minute taxi ride. For approximately the same amount of time, I now paid a little over 10 e) And these prices can be extremely high, higher than the typical Scandinavian taxi prices (which are already quite high to begin with). So always check the starting price and ask for an estimation to your next destination to avoid getting ripped off. The Tourist infos are always great places to ask for advice on reliable companies, they usually know their stuff. 

Our ferry was once more Viking Line, as it is very reliable and in my opinion the most pet friendly out of the other ferries travelling the Baltic Sea. Once again, we were not dissapointed!


Africa was showered with attention and she was loving it 🙂 We were actually rather surprised by the amount of Hovvy people on the ferry! It’s funny how in Germany (which is the Hovawart’s land of origin) Afri is constantly mistaken for another breed, but in Scandinavia people tend to recognize the Hovawart. Great to see that 🙂

Another thing I learned on this trip was to ALWAYS reserve a cabin for overnight trips. I thought since it’s *only* a 10 h ferry ride, we’d be fine without one, because we were going to be in Turku very early in the morning.

Big mistake! Thankfully I had Afri guarding my stuff, but it was veryvery uncomfortable being on the floor. Needless to say, never again!

From Turku we took a train to Helsinki, which was comfortable. We were both very tired as we arrived home, however my journey wasn’t entirely over as I had to fly back to Germany the very next day 😀