Heatwave alert!

This spring didn’t start out too great in Germany. In April there was still snow in some parts and temperatures tended to stay low. When we arrived here, it was rather warm but allergy season had just began and yours truly was sneezing her brains out…Temperatures started dropping again and then came the nonstop rain… Everyone was moaning and wondering about whether or not summer would come.



And then it finally did and this week, it really has. Temperatures have been around +35 C which is definitely something that neither me nor Afri are very used to. Afri has a dark and rather thick coat, so I have especially been worried how she would cope in the heat.Timing the walks helps a lot. We’ve done shorter walks in the morning/afternoon and then done our proper long one around 9 PM, because the sun has usually slightly gone down and the asphalt isn’t burning hot.



Yesterday we took a short walk with a friend to a nearby park. Poor Afri started limping on our way there. She was whining and wouldn’t let me touch her feet, which naturally made me really worried.Thankfully, we found the cause soon enough; the asphalt was so hot that poor Afri’s paws were burning! There was a small fountain in our way and Afri wen in to cool off slightly. She doesn’t swim, but she does like splashing around 🙂


So remember to take good care of your pooches during the hot days! Drinking water is especially important. Afri is the type who does not really drink, unless she is reminded to do so. I’ve also been adding extra water into her food, just so she can get some extra liquids. Today we are later going to go down to the Neckar for Afri to splash around a bit. The weather is ubernice despite the hotness!


Be Sure to Always Check Your Tickets

Yesterday I booked our ferry tickets to Stockholm. We will be arriving in Heidelberg a little earlier as I had made a bit of a mistake with the date on the train ticket… Nothing dramatic, I had just booked it 1 day earlier than planned. So now I booked the ship also a day earlier.  

Thankfully I checked, it would’ve been oh so uncool to arrive on Thursday morning in Stockholm, realize our train isn’t there and then discover that it left the day before… So, always remember to check ticket dates very carefully!

Today I bought Afri some stuff from the petstore; 2 leashes (I really don’t like her current one. It’s very heavy and chunky.), 3 new toys and a sort of “grooming kit”. Medium thin leather leashes are my favorite because they are very comfortable in your hand plus durable. Afri needs to desperately have her nails clipped before the trip, as at the moment she has these killer talons. 

Her stomach has calmed down again, I’m really hoping it wont start acting up again before or during the trip.



A Slight Change of Plans

Ok, so first of all, the train tickets have been bought! They arrived on Wednesday and I booked them on Sunday. Pretty good for Deutsche Bahn especially since they came to Finland. It just has my train ticket because DB doesn’t allow pet tickets to be bought in advance. Hopefully sometime in the future they will do something about it. 


So then the title… Well, I mentioned that our plan was to go with the ferry from Helsinki to Travemünde. Unfortunately we had to change it because the price would have been RIDICULOUS for a oneway trip. So then I looked at the Baltics option again and did some proper research.

If we would’ve gone via the Baltics, it would have taken approximately a week because they don’t have trainlines connecting the countries directly. Busses do go, but they do not sadly allow dogs on a lot of them, especially big dogs like Afri. I did try to see if DB had a suggestion, but their suggestion was going either via Belarus or Russia, meaning extra Visa costs and a lot of extra hours. Russia seems to possess a fairly good railway system, in the sense that they have trains that go to almost all of the Baltic countries. 

There has been talk about building a connecting railway system for the Baltics, and hopefully it’ll happen in the next few years. Fingers crossed!

So now, the solution to our little problem? Going the other way! As in, via Sweden and Denmark.


We’ll be taking the ferry to Stockholm and go with various trains to Heidelberg. It’ll be one long train ride, 18ish hours which includes the time needed for changing. We’ll be travelling with Viking Line which is my favorite ferry company anyway and highly recommendable! Pets are only about 15ish euros, so it’s a great deal! With  Finnlines a pet is 96 e, so that’s quite a big difference. 

For trains going through Europe, I recommend checking out Deutsche Bahn. Even if you don’t want to buy from them, they can still give  you pretty good ideas regarding train transportation all around Europe! 

Afri’s stomach has been acting up a bit this week, it could be potentially nerves because she has a bit of a stress stomach and is probably sensing that something “big” is about to happen. 

Tomorrow I’m going to go an buy myself a new suitcase which I told myself I would do in the beginning of this year. I’m stuck between 2 choices, can’t decide which one I like more!



A bit of an introduction


Hi folks and welcome to Adventures of Africa, a doggy travel and I guess somewhat lifestyle blog (does that count for dogs?) about Soffahoffin Mystical, or commonly known as Africa, a 4 year old Hovawart. This blog’s purpose is to chronicle her journey in becoming a true international dog as her owner (that would be me) is a bit obsessed with travelling and living in different countries.

 Currently Afri is living in Finland, but in April she will be moving to Germany and back to her real Deutsch roots!