Being Underwater



Ok, so a lot of people have probably been reading about the recent floods happening around Europe. Germany, Hungary and Austria are just a few among those countries. Heidelberg also received its fair share of water thanks to the river Neckar, but nothing too dramatic. 


Wait, where did this tree come from?

When I first heard about it and saw some of the pictures people had taken, I thought they must be mixing it up. How could the Neckar be overflowing? Image


So then we went with Afri to check it out and ok, then I did believe it!




View of the Old Bridge


On the bridge wondering where all that water came from 




Crazy huh? Thankfully it was nowhere near as bad as in for example Austria, where the water had gotten all the way up to the Autobahn! Africa very much enjoyed it though. It was a rather hot day and the water is nice and cool to splash around in 🙂




As a bit of a pre-warning, this is one very looong entry!

In almost exactly 1 month Afri’s journey to Germany will begin! Initially I thought we would be flying from Helsinki to Frankfurt, but was left a bit unsure of it since she would have to travel in the cargo department and be all alone surrounded by strange noises etc. Plus she would have to travel in her own doggy box.

One can probably imagine how HUUUGE that box must be as she is a Hovawart and weighs approx. 33 kg… Taking the box, Afri, and luggage on the train by myself would basically be mission impossible. I could take a taxi from Frankfurt to Heidelberg, but that would cost most likely at least another 200 e.

So what to do?


Afri in Estonia 2009

When we lived in Estonia, travelling  between Helsinki and Tartu was very easy with a dog. A ferry goes directly from Estonia to Finland and pets are allowed on board.

Perhaps we could take the ferry to Estonia first and then via train travel through the Baltics to Germany? Sadly it would take AGES! This is why:

  1. Ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn
  2. Bus from Tallinn to Tartu
  3. Tartu to Riga, Latvia
  4. Riga to Vilnius/Kaunas, Lithuania
  5. Vilnius/Kaunas to Warsaw, Poland
  6. Warsaw to Berlin
  7. Berlin to Heidelberg

There would be A LOT of changes and the trip would take close to 3 days when travelling nonstop. I tried to see if  Deutsche Bahn had a good travel plan idea from Vilnius or Tallinn, but their routes would have gone either through Russia or Belarus. Now these are both countries I would absolutely love to visit, but you need a Visa :/ And getting a Visa for just passing through is expensive.

Then I remembered that  Finnlines has a ferry going between Finland and Germany. There was our solution!

The ferry would take us to Travemünde, the very north of Germany close to Lübeck. We would then take a train from there down to southern Germany. Perfection!

The journey will be long;  27 hours on the ship, another 6 on the train. But I think it shouldn’t be a problem since we both have a lot of experience on travelling in ships. Also the ferry should be rather comfortable as well as the German trains.

This evening Afri is going to the vet for a pre-trip checkup and all the needed vaccinations + documents. Fingers crossed everything goes well 🙂

A bit of an introduction


Hi folks and welcome to Adventures of Africa, a doggy travel and I guess somewhat lifestyle blog (does that count for dogs?) about Soffahoffin Mystical, or commonly known as Africa, a 4 year old Hovawart. This blog’s purpose is to chronicle her journey in becoming a true international dog as her owner (that would be me) is a bit obsessed with travelling and living in different countries.

 Currently Afri is living in Finland, but in April she will be moving to Germany and back to her real Deutsch roots!