Slight Change of Plans


Trying to pose by one of the fountains by the castle gardens

I have been struggling for some time to find the perfect time to travel with Afri back to Finland for the holidays. Originally, we were supposed to leave at the very end of this month to go back. However, due to a Uni excursion to Italy, which will take 10 days at the end of this month, I had to have a slight change of plans and travel home earlier with Afri and then travel back here myself.



At the Heidelberg Castle 

As many of you may know, ticket prices for trains and such often do not make any sense; one day you pay 40 e and the next day for that exact same trip, you may pay 140 e. 



In the Altstadt with a view of the Heidelberg Castle


The only time I got to fit into our schedule was leaving tomorrow! Crazy,huh? These tickets were reserved 2 days ago… I am a bit sad that I have to do this already now, I was hoping to do it later so we could have more summer time in Germany together. But because of this, Afri will get to enjoy the Finnish summer one month in advance.


We’ll be taking almost the exact same route as before meaning we’ll first go to Copenhagen via the DB,then Stockholm via SJ and finally Turku via Viking Line. We’ll be arriving in Finland on Thursday morning and then I will be flying right back to Germany the very next day. Talk about a busy week! 




Afri will be staying with my family until I fly back at the beginning of August. It’ll be great visiting home, even if it’s just for that one day, but I will miss not having her around for a month. 


Ruins of one of the castle towers

In August I have a few lake and sea trips planned for us! I think Afri has been missing those as well 🙂 I certainly have! 


Beautiful Heidelberg

Still need to clean the apartment and ofcourse pack! Thankfully our train leaves in the evening, so I can go to class in the morning, a long walk with Afri and the gym. I decided I wont be taking my big suitcase with me, because I would have to wait for ages at the airport.  


Entrance to the ghrotto where we managed to see some bats!

This time I will actually write a proper description of our trip back and attempt to take pictures! Even though Afri wont be with me for most of this month, this blog wont be dead for that time 🙂



Sorry for the lack of updates! The weather here has been pretty much awful, it’s been very cold, windy and pretty much pouring all the time. Thus we haven’t really done much exploring and pictures taken in the rain don’t usually turn out that nice. 

We have however done a midnight walk to the Heidelberg Castle (unfortunately as it was slightly spontaneous, didn’t have a camera along to capture all the amazing lights etc.), which was lovely. Funnily enough Afri was slightly nervous when we got there, I guess she has as much of an overactive imagination as I do haha.


Africa has settled in great, yesterday I realized that she has now been here for 1.5 months! Crazy how time flies by!  We haven’t been able to yet discover proper doggy friends for her. Hopefully when the weather gets nice again (it should do that starting Monday), more dogs will be out running in the fields meaning Afri has someone to play with 🙂 

Next week my sister will be coming to visit for almost a week and we will be doing some exploration around Heidelberg with Afri 🙂 Yesterday I visited a friend (without Afri) in Edingen-Neckarhausen, a small town situated between Heidelberg and Mannheim. I didn’t see much of it, so we’ll be going there for a bit of exploring. 

Here’s a list of some of the towns on our to visit-list:


*Weinheim (proper exploration of the castle ruins)